Extraordinary Transformations

The Campaign for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

We are committed to creating extraordinary, transformative learning experiences.

That commitment is clear in our innovative exhibits, in the dedication of our staff and volunteers, and in the relationships we maintain worldwide and in our own community. It’s also clear in the numbers:  more than 1.2 million people visit annually, making us one of the top 20 most-visited museums in North America.

But this isn’t just about numbers. It’s about responding to the changing interests and needs of our members and visitors. It’s about meticulously developing and implementing new family learning experiences with extraordinary vision. 

The Children’s Museum has outlined four new world-class initiatives across the arts, sciences, and humanities, and we need your help to make them a reality. These diverse campaign initiatives are designed to meet critical, 21st century family needs, and range from:

  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)
  • Health and fitness through sports
  • Arts, humanities, and popular culture
  • Neighborhood revitalization and cradle-to-career programs

Invest in the Future

You can help bring this campaign to life for adults and children of all ages. With a combined goal of $67.6 million, Extraordinary Transformations: The Campaign for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the largest fundraising effort we have undertaken since the 2003–2009 Power of Children campaign, which exceeded its $74 million goal. 

Tax-deductible gifts to the campaign can be given unrestricted for the general campaign or designated toward specific initiatives like Explorations and Discoveries: The Center for Family Learning and STEM, The Sports Legends Experience: A National Model for Family Learning in Health and Fitness through Sports, The Galleries for American Arts and Popular Culture, or the Mid-North Neighborhood Promise Program. We have an excellent track record of fiscal responsibility and intend to be meticulous stewards of all campaign donations.

With the help of generous supporters like you, we will turn creative ideas into extraordinary experiences to impact the generations. Thank you for your support.