Beyond Spaceship Earth Gala

Space is the final frontier that continues to intrigue us with galaxies of mystery and infinite opportunities for discovery.  The world’s largest and best children’s museum, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, launches our journey into space on June 24 as we debut Beyond Spaceship Earth at our Rocket into the Future Gala.

With the help of our first Extraordinary Scientist-in-Residence, Astronaut Dr. David Wolf, we have expanded the Planetarium on the lower level into the world’s first Planetarium and Space Object Theater, created with support from NASA, the Lilly Endowment, and private individuals. The experience uses real space vehicles and equipment and a dynamic light-and-sound experience to immerse visitors into “deep space.” The new production tells stories about missions, astronauts and events through the history of space exploration. 

The interior of the International Space Station has been recreated as a new exhibit just outside Beyond Spaceship Earth. The exhibit incorporates contributions from Dr. Wolf and other space veterans to showcase the ways science, technology, engineering and math contribute to our exploration of what lies beyond our planet. Visitors will even be able to “suit up” and step through an airlock to explore some of the vehicles and technologies that NASA and its international partners use in their efforts to explore space. 

The Rocket into the Future Gala will take museum friends, donors and civic and corporate leaders back to the 1960s when Space Exploration started to become a reality when, at the beginning of the decade then President John F. Kennedy proclaimed, “We choose to go to the moon.”  Gala guests will meet past astronauts, including Dr. Wolf, and other NASA VIPs as they view the new show and exhibit and are entertained by a Beatles cover band that will bring us all back to that time when landing on the moon was a dream that united the country.

Rocket into the Future with us on Friday, June 24 as we go Beyond Spaceship Earth! 

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