Extraordinary Transformations: Erica and Spencer Hahn

At The Children’s Museum, we strive to create extraordinary learning experiences that can transform the lives of every visitor, no matter the age or stage. That commitment is at the heart of Extraordinary Transformations: A Campaign for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. The powerful new experiences it encompasses will impact family learning for generations to come.

Local mom Erica Hahn has seen the transforming power of the museum’s family-learning focus firsthand. When her son Spencer was four months old, an MRI confirmed that a stroke had left him with brain damage, cerebral palsy, and other serious developmental problems. She was told her son would likely never walk or talk.

But thanks to the power of a mother’s love and determination and The Children’s Museum, that devastation was short-lived.

By Spencer’s first birthday, the two of them were fixtures at the museum. It was an atmosphere they both needed—a sunny breeding ground for energy, curiosity, and exploration. The museum became Erica’s partner in transforming her son’s life.

It’s where Erica found hope—among the dinosaurs, on the Carousel, and on stage. It’s where the doctor’s predictions of limitations gave way to endless blooms of new possibilities. It’s where Spencer learned how to sign “ball,” said his first word, and took his first steps.

Today Spencer is a smiling, confident six-year-old who still loves every nook and cranny of the museum and the staff who’ve come to adore him. To Spencer, it’s a magical place where he can grow, learn, and escape his limitations.

The extraordinary experiences and relationships that helped transform Spencer into a happy, curious, and creative boy are what continue to give Erica hope for Spencer’s future. With support for the Extraordinary Transformations Campaign, countless other children in the decades ahead can have hopeful futures, too.

“I feel like the museum is growing alongside Spencer,” Erica says. “With your support, we can give thousands of children and families the opportunity to undergo extraordinary transformations of their own.” 

See how you can leave a lasting legacy for families like the Hahns. Contact Lori Norris today (lorin@childrensmuseum.org, 317-334-3300).