NASA’s Liberty Bell 7 Lands at The Children’s Museum

Liberty Bell 7At The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, extraordinary learning experiences fuel our passion to transform the lives of every visitor who comes through our doors. Extraordinary Transformations: A Campaign for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will fuel that passion for decades to come.

Astronaut and Indiana native Virgil (Gus) Grissom had a passion, too—to take to the skies and explore outer space. On July 21, 1961, his dream turned into reality when he became the second American in space, successfully piloting the Mercury Liberty Bell 7 spacecraft in a historic 15-minute, 37-second flight. 

It was a pivotal step in the country’s space exploration program, launched with the belief in possibilities and fueled with the skills and knowledge of the United States’ top scientists and engineers. NASA and the entire country soon had their sights set on the unimaginable—to land a man on the moon. The Liberty Bell 7 still stands proud, now showcasing how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) can transform extraordinary possibilities into reality. 

The capsule has landed at The Children’s Museum’s new Schaefer Planetarium and Space Object Theater and will debut at the grand opening on June 25, 2016. It’s part of Beyond Spaceship Earth, our new space-themed experience that uses real space vehicles and equipment, as well as a dynamic light-and-sound experience and a moveable lift, to showcase the rich history and bright future of space exploration.

The Liberty Bell 7 will give visitors an up-close look at the technology and STEM-related skills it took to put a man in space. They’ll also learn about the people of the Mercury program — heroes whose work kept the space program moving forward.

This transformative experience is part of Explorations and Discoveries: The Center for Family Learning in STEM, one of four powerful initiatives being launched as part of the Extraordinary Transformations Campaign. The initiative will provide engaging, hands-on experiences to inspire visitors to explore STEM disciplines and be part of transforming the future through new ideas and technology. 

Learn how you can fuel that transformation – and maybe even inspire a young astronaut’s passion – with support for the Extraordinary Transformations Campaign. Contact Lori Norris today (, 317-334-3300).